Web design is the process of envisioning, planning, modeling, and executing the delivery of media content via the Internet. Encompassing multiple disciplines such as communication design, information technology and information systems, creating Web sites poses a wide array of challenges. Typically, the four main design elements of a well-crafted Web site are:

  • Content: The creation of crisp, efficient copywriting within an effective Information Architecture framework.
  • Usability: Clear, coherent, reliable navigation that guides the user through the content.
  • Appearance: Professional, relevant, engaging graphics that support the key messages.
  • Visibility: Utilization of the latest in SEO and SEM strategies making the site easy to find.

Content Management Systems

Having worked with various content management system implementations since 2001, Mesh Multimedia has the experience you need to ensure you are selecting the right system for your business needs.  From enterprise-class systems to open source solutions, Mesh Multimedia can deliver the results you need to empower your team.  Specialists in WordPress and Joomla! implementations, our experience in CMS is vast.  In addition, with more of your customers moving to mobile devices, our ability to create responsive websites (optimized for mobile delivery) ensure your visitors are able to enjoy the best experience possible.

View a few of our recent successes below.


eCommerce Solutions

If your small business is ready to take your products online, Mesh Multimedia can make it happen, quickly and effectively. With over a decade of experience in eCommerce implementations, Mesh understands the close relationship between your online store and your internal business processes. By closely analyzing how your eCommerce solution will integrate with your other sales channels, we help you design the most efficient online presence without negatively impacting your operational productivity.


Our team of Flash developers has delivered solutions for interactive market research techniques, educational and instructional portals, and digital media players. From page turners to shelf tests, and from virtual dashboards to tabbed video playback, we consistently push the envelope of interactive capabilities.


Whether you require a complex, dynamic, collaborative portal leveraging Web 2.0 applications, a content management system integration, or a simple static site with a few custom graphics, the professionals at Mesh Multimedia can help you achieve your goals in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Our years of experience with Information Architecture, graphic design, content management systems, relational databases, and online marketing tactics ensure we have the comprehensive skill set in-house to deliver your Web presence.

Based in Loudoun County in Northern Virginia, Mesh offers a complete range of web design, web development and web application programming services. View our portfolio and then contact us today to learn more about how Mesh Multimedia can service your Web design needs.